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November 14, 2012
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Chibi--Shiro by glamourzombiexxx Chibi--Shiro by glamourzombiexxx
Outfit commission for *Chibi--Shiro
I really enjoyed doing this one lol <3
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Her outfit is wicked, and I love her sassy little pose hehe <3 The positioning of her tail balances out the picture quite nicely as well!
Thanks so much vuv
Omg Villie looks so cute in your styleee!
Chibi--Shiro Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I cannot even begin to describe the look on my face when I woke up this morning and saw this in my inbox. Just... think of a kid on Christmas LOL.
This. Is. AMAZING. It's even better than I expected it'd be! ;u;
Not only does Villie look absolutely stunning in your style, but this outfit is just gorgeous. I'm sitting here, so jelly that I don't own it, myself!
Since she's always dressed pretty busily, this really works for her. Dem stripes. <3
I really love what you did with the colors--everything just flows so nicely. You made great choices from that little palette I gave you, I have to say. <33
I adore how you drew her hair, too. I may start drawing it that way, myself!
Though I'm pretty sure I said I wanted to keep her old shoes, I'm actually kinda diggin' her in converse. Perhaps I'll alternate between the two. c:
Really, I could not be more pleased with the outcome, and that's putting it mildly! And you got it done so fast, too. ouo
Thanks sooo much, hun, this is just fabulous. :heart:
God, those old shorts of hers really do go with everything loool.
omg I'm so glad you like it so much xD <3
Sorry I don't remember you saying anything about her shoes OTL, I can easily fix the problem if you'd like ;u;
I was honestly worried that I got way more wrong than that x'D
But anyway thanks for commissioning me, I really loved drawing her vuv~
Chibi--Shiro Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's fine, there's no need. It's really not a big deal. <3
Besides, like I said, I kinda like the converse on her haha~
Other than that, everything looks great. The only other thing you forgot was her grey streak, I noticed a little bit ago, but hell, even I forget that sometimes. :I
I may just omit it from her design altogether lol.
But you're really very welcome, I'm glad you had fun drawing her! :heart:
Thanks again, sweetie. :heart::heart:
hehe she is super cute, very cool and pretty sexy! I love the clothes. the shorts and the top are super nice. and the pantyhose looks cool like that. hehe and I like her body too. her hips and boings are great. and I like her cute face. nice job sweet!
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